[matroska-general] Re: file check/repair tool

thana thanatos666 at gmx.net
Wed Feb 12 13:28:37 CET 2003

> Great !
> Thanks for the offer thanatos666 (scary name ;)

yeah, a scary name for a scary person ;)
no, honestly, please call me short 'thana'

> I have nothing against java, but the problem is that most people won't
like to
> need a JVM to run an application (how many here have a JVM installed on
> machine ?). But the main problem I see (after most current OS ship with a
> is that there is no libmatroska code existing for java for the moment. So
> won't be able to build your tool on existing classes.

yes i know that's a problem (but i think at least MacOSX ships with
integrated java-support).
from what i've read here on the mailinglist i thought that at least a
working ebml-parser in java is existing. so wouldn't it be possible to build
the tool with that parser, as it only would need to read/write the ecc/edc
elements? ok, for block reordering/index rebuilding this might not work..
maybe i could also work on the matroska parser in jmf, i don't kow how
difficult it is, as i don't have experience with the jmf so far..
but maybe the ebml-parser could serve as a good starting point..

> My opinion on this tool is that it could be command line application, that
> come with a GUI or in a library form (the core of the tool) to be used by
> apps (java GUI, VB GUI, TCMP plugin, etc). And so far there is only C++
> existing to parse matroska file. It's up to you to decide which way you
want to
> go :)

as i think of it, c++ might be a better alternative.. the only concern i
have here is cross-platform compatibility, as i know this requirement is
listed high on your list.. i don't have much experience with linux (apart
from installing it 2-3 times in school), especially not programming.. so
somebody would have to help me out in this regard, once its working on

a command line tool would also be my first try on it.. once its working
resonably, i could add a nice gui, as i always wanted to gain more
experience in that area..



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