[matroska-general] Re: matroska : Help with website

Christian HJ Wiesner christian.hj.wiesner at web.de
Wed Feb 12 00:18:34 CET 2003

Hi Sekxx,

we dont plan to use any php on our website, just plain and simple, but 
good looking HTML.

But what we were interested in was an automatic update of our specs site 
from the CVS tree of the specs ( doxygen format ). Is this somethig that 
you could be interested in ? Its not trivial though ;) ...


Sekxx wrote:
> I'm not a webdesigner but I'm pretty good at php/mysql, if 
> matroska.org is hosted on a server that allow php/mysql, here 
> is what I can do:
> --Templated website (So that a real webdesigner can do the 
> design)
> --Dynamique website(Everything that you want) exemple:
> ----Multilingual website, based on *.txt files so everybody can 
> translate it (and correct my 'stincky' english)
> ----Users(login...) support.
> ----Download/upload support.
> ...
> + If I do this (very little) part of the project, all the real guru 
> coder (what i'm not) can work on matroska itself instead of 
> spending time on webdeveloppement.
> SeKxX. (faux.rhum at laposte.net)


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