[matroska-general] Specs update

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Wed Feb 5 21:22:28 CET 2003

I have updated the specs according to the latest discussions on UCI-devel.

The reference system is now out of the Block. It is a (infinite) list of 
references in the BlockAdditional element. The references are relative 
timecodes to the frame they belong to. Lacing is not allowed when 
references are involved.

The frames should be stored in matroska in "coding order"; that means 
the references first and then the frames referencing them.

Due to the complexities allowed in matroska, there is also a number in 
each Track entry as follows :

MinCache 3 [6D][E7] - - 2 u-integer The minimum number of frames a 
player should be able to cache during playback.

So if a codec can use 10 reference to frames at the same time, it can do 
so by specifying 10 in this number. The default value (2) is the general 
case for I,P and B frames.


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