[matroska-general] Re: MPC opensource project founded on corecodec.org

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Mon Feb 3 17:53:38 CET 2003

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Subject: [matroska-general] MPC opensource project founded on corecodec.org

> Gentlemen,
> i have the pleasure to announce that today the MPC opensource project was
founded on http://corecodec.org .
> The preliminary URL is http://corecodec.org/projects/mpc until a nice
homepage was done for http://mpc.corecodec.org ( i'd love to copy Frank's or
case's homepage for the time being ;) ... no time and no talent to create a
new one ).
> Some parts of the MPC encoder sources were already sent to Steve 'robux4'
LHomme from Frank Klemm to be uploaded to the CVS tree once we have it
functional ( waiting for a patch from gforge author ). Please note also that
Steve and Frank are talking about creating this project together, means
Steve actively participating on MPC development.
> Important :
> Please do not publically announce this for the time being !!! The people
reading this list here can be considered a very small group ( this will
include the lurkers from Xiph via gmane.org ;) ), and it wont hurt us much
if the news would be spread out now, but i would like to ask you to avoid
any form of advertisement for the time being, if ever possible. This
information is sent to you to avoid any bad feelings, and to also give you
the chance to object to the foundation of the project if you feel this had
to be done, for whatever reason.

Will Matroska support MPC sound?


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