[matroska-general] Re: lavrec AVIs over 2Gig on ext3?

Pamel Paul at msn.com
Mon Feb 3 05:39:15 CET 2003

"ChristianHJW" <christian at matroska.org> wrote
> "Martin Collins" <martin at mkcollins.org> schrieb
> > OGM may not be completely specified either but it's out there
> > and people are using it. Matroska may be the best long-term bet,
> > but only if people think it better than OGM.

I have only seen OGM get limited use so far.  I think that this is mainly
because OGM was never backed by Xiph, and so not 'official'.  IMHO, I don't
believe that the new OGG specs that Monty is making will resemble OGM that
much, but that is probably better as I'm sure that it will be geared more
towards streaming (which is the whole point of OGG in the first place).  The
technique developed by Tobias was cool, but probably not a good long-term
solution.  But I think that with Xiph backing an official spec for putting
different video and audio streams in OGG, it will become much more popular.

Matroska isn't trying to be 'better than OGM', as they aren't very
comparable.  OGM will almost certainly just be replace by whatever Xiph puts
out, and fall by the wayside.  And OGG and Matroska aren't trying to be
better than one another as they don't really fill the same demographic.  OGG
was designed specificaly for streaming.  Matroska was designed specificaly
for editing with maximum future extensibility.  They will most certainly do
better for what they were designed for, but comparing them directly would be
like comparing apples and oranges (both of which I like very much).

> Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we consider matroska as a solution
> for the future. We dont know if people will prefer it against OGM, but we
> also have a few things prepared to hold against it ;-)  :

Well, we're not holding anything 'against' OGM, its a moot point. ;-)

> UCI   ( Universal Codec Interface; http://uci.sf.net )
> USF   ( Universal Subtitle Format ; http://corecodec.org/projects/usf )

Hopefully these will turn out properly and everyone will use if for both
OGG, Matroska, AVI, etc.  I have some doubts about how UCI is being
developed, but I have already talked extensively about that on the UCI.devel
mailing list.  I basicaly think that a standard for communication between
applications, codecs, and containers should be developed simultaneously, but
that is a different story.


I honestly don't know what this is.  I found it at http://umi.sf.net but it
looks like it resides between the application and the OS.  I think this may
be more specific to finding for application support, not containers or
codecs.  But, I am all for cross-platform, open interfaces.



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