[Matroska-general] VobSub SSA subtitles in matroska

Liisachan Liisachan at faireal.net
Fri Dec 26 11:25:46 CET 2003

Yusaku wrote:

>You might remember me babbling about converting SSA to VobSub with the
>purpose of matroska embedding before... and since I got some free time, I
>decided to try it for real. At http://www.anime.cz/s2v you'll find the
>classic MewMew matroska sample converted to use VobSub subtitles.
Checked it. Very cool:D

>Advantages of using VobSub over SSA subs in matroska:
>- independent on international support installed on the computer - i.e.
>japanese characters will always work
This is the point, I agree, altho you could install font files etc if 
you are using a computer....

Plus, image subs should be needed for hw support.

By the way, if you are using SSA, it is recommended to specify 
"encoding" in SSA header
(same as {\fe}, like 128 for Japanese) for Win98, even if your ssa is in 
That old mewmew sample is ok for win2k/xp,
but not good for Win98, because "encoding" params were (carelessly) 
always set 0,
which is technically not a problem because the files were in Unicode,
but practically a problem for playing back on Win98

i18n'ed SSA subs should work on Win98 too more easily than in the mewmew 
Tho, image subs will be a great option anyway
Like you said, it will be very "safe" at the cost of loss of font quality.

>- lower processor usage
>- you can use any fonts you want
>- graphics is possible (look at the last subtitle of "credits")
>- No animations, karaoke etc. (forget ASS)
>- lower antialiasing support
>E.g. all in all - it looks slightly worse, BUT it will work everywhere and
>it'll look always exactly the same... and it doesn't need P4 to decode subs.
>The converting tool is not released yet - I need to make it a bit more user
>friendly before that - should be before new year, though...
>Notes: Mosu: could you losen up a little on the MPEG2 parsing? VobSub will
>not complain about wrong contents of PS packets, but mkvmerge does complain
>about "Unsupported MPEG level" or something like that...
Actually, i tried your method too a little while ago,
Did you read this?

I had this problem too:
"There's a tool called SubLog Extractor Filter 
<http://www.xs4all.nl/%7Evielle/video/sublog.html> ,
which can generate "original" vobsub (idx/sub) files from textsub data.
Gabest's vobsub tools are happy with the resulted idx/sub,
while MKVMerge does not accept such files, saying "vobsub_packetizer: 
Unsupported MPEG version: 0x00"
If you open the .sub file in question with binary editor and replace all 
the "00 00 01 BA 00" headers with "01 00 01 BA 00" or "00 01 01 BA 00",
then MKVMerge will be "fooled" and accept this .sub file.
However, if there's no reason to reject "version 0x00", could you please 
accept it, because it is actually used by this tool (SubLog)?"

And Mosu answered here

I had another problem: SubLog Extractor sometimes made "noisy" short 
lines around the real subs.
Now I saw the similar (noisy) short lines in your sample too.


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