[Matroska-general] Re: VobSub SSA subtitles in matroska

Yusaku yusaku at anime.cz
Fri Dec 26 10:20:33 CET 2003

> > Also, starting from next year (not too far now...) the bloody Unisys GIF
> > patent will finally become a history - and as GIF decoding is a LOT
> > than PNG, it could be done this way...
> Isn't GIF limited to 8 bit?

you can LZW compress even 24-bit image... but, mostly - you need to compress
only each individual subtitle, which has four colors (transparent, color,
outline, shadow). The antialiasing will need more colors, but I still think
256 is quite sufficient and people will not notice the difference. (e.g.
each subtitle would be encoded to its own motion-GIF and there would be a
possibility of more motion-GIFs for one video frame)

> If it is what I am thinking of it should still store the packet, just give
you a
> warning to let you know.  Perhaps this is a different problem that you are
> having?

Solved now, but... yeah, it did NOT store the "wrong" packets.

Anyway, before replying... let me join #matroska :)


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