[Matroska-general] Re: VobSub SSA subtitles in matroska

Paul Bryson paul at msn.com
Fri Dec 26 09:33:05 CET 2003

"Yusaku" wrote...
> Disadvantages:
> - No animations, karaoke etc. (forget ASS)
You should be able to render ASS at 24fps (or whatever framerate) for importing
as VobSub.  It would take a lot more space, but it would certainly be possible.
If someone made a highspeed lossless codec that supported P frames, it wouldn't
even take up that much space.  CorePNG wouldn't be an option for rendered ASS as
it decodes much to slowly.  But, someone could probably make a version of
Huffyuv that used diffs for P frames, just like CorePNG does.

> The converting tool is not released yet - I need to make it a bit more user
> friendly before that - should be before new year, though...

Very cool.

> Notes: Mosu: could you losen up a little on the MPEG2 parsing? VobSub will
> not complain about wrong contents of PS packets, but mkvmerge does complain
> about "Unsupported MPEG level" or something like that...

That should be a warning to let the user know there was something not right with
the data stream.  It might still be playable, but it is important to let people
know about potential issues.


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