[Matroska-general] VobSub SSA subtitles in matroska

Yusaku yusaku at anime.cz
Fri Dec 26 08:41:09 CET 2003


You might remember me babbling about converting SSA to VobSub with the
purpose of matroska embedding before... and since I got some free time, I
decided to try it for real. At http://www.anime.cz/s2v you'll find the
classic MewMew matroska sample converted to use VobSub subtitles.

Advantages of using VobSub over SSA subs in matroska:
- independent on international support installed on the computer - i.e.
japanese characters will always work
- lower processor usage
- you can use any fonts you want
- graphics is possible (look at the last subtitle of "credits")

- No animations, karaoke etc. (forget ASS)
- lower antialiasing support

E.g. all in all - it looks slightly worse, BUT it will work everywhere and
it'll look always exactly the same... and it doesn't need P4 to decode subs.

The converting tool is not released yet - I need to make it a bit more user
friendly before that - should be before new year, though...

Notes: Mosu: could you losen up a little on the MPEG2 parsing? VobSub will
not complain about wrong contents of PS packets, but mkvmerge does complain
about "Unsupported MPEG level" or something like that...


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