[Matroska-general] vobsub warnings in mkvmerge

Moritz Bunkus moritz at bunkus.org
Mon Dec 22 22:15:57 CET 2003


I'm at my parent's but still have access to internet/irc from time to
time. Browsing through the channel log I noticed some questions about
vobsub warnings by mkvmerge:

[.17:35:28.]  Cyrius:: "Warning: vobsub_packetizer: Encountered broken
SPU packet (next_off < start_off) at timecode 01:08:51.160. This packet
might be displayed incorrectly or not at all."

Some clarifications. mkvmerge tries to extract data from the SPU packets
(the duration). During this it will parse the SPU data, and it uses
approximately the same algorithm that Gabest's VobSub filter uses. So if
my program cannot cope with it then it is highly likely that Gabest's
filter can't either.

More clarification: These packets are still copied into the Matroska
file and not dropped! The warning is still present and will be because -
to my knowledge - these packets are damaged and will probably not be
displayed. Just like the warning says :)

Cyrius, if you read this please point gilb to this post. Thanks.


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