[Matroska-general] Re: Matroska in closed source products

Hauke Duden H.NS.Duden at gmx.net
Fri Dec 5 00:45:21 CET 2003

Ronald Bultje wrote:
> On Thu, 2003-12-04 at 22:48, Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:
>>2. New C library from BBB : Ronald 'BBB' Bultje has made a new library 
>>in C, not C++ like libmatroska/libebml, so that maybe one day matroska 
>>may get supported in FFMPEG/libavformat. The license for this library is 
>>L-GPL, so this allows use in closed source programs also, as long as you 
>>make the code for the library itself available, and even via a link in 
>>your documentation. This code can not be found in the matroska CVS, its 
>>currently in the Gstreamer CVS ( http://gstreamer.net ) and used in the 
>>matroska plugin for gstreamer. Its currently playback only, but should 
>>be ideal for your purpose, even if some of the more advanced features of 
>>matroska are not implemented yet.
> Just wanted to clear up two things:
> 1) it's not a lib. ;). It's a plugin. If you want to use it yourself,
> copy the files, make it a loadable plugin in your system and provide
> LGPL sources and patches. That's fully legal. Don't forget that the
> sources require glib. There's a win32 version of glib, it's LGPL too.
> You can also do a search'n'replace, we mostly only use types from glib
> (gint instead of int, gchar instead of char, etc. - for portability
> reasons), we don't use that many glib functions.
> 2) the things unimplemented are menus and metadata.
> The code can be found in CVS, module gst-plugins, dir gst/matroska/.

Thanks for the info. It not being a lib (yet) doesn't bother me much. 
I've got quite some experience in creating libraries from application 
code, so maybe I'll first make a lib out of it and then use that for our 
own plugin. Or, maybe, if the plugin interface is similar to ours, I'll 
just try to modify it to make it compatible. I'll have to see what the 
code looks like...

In any case, you can be assured that if we use your code we'll honor the 
LGPL and make all changes available.


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