[Matroska-general] Re: I see a MAJOR issue coming....

Lhomme Steve S.Lhomme at NEOPOST.FR
Thu Dec 4 14:40:02 CET 2003

(I hope it will make it into the list)

For some of the problems you mention that are solutions. The major problem
is getting a software that can play Matroska files according to the latest
specs (see the latest lacing system).

For the codec, I think there is a feature that noone is using yet : a URL to
download the right codec or to get information about the codec. Maybe
authoring tools should use that, as well as mkvinfo and the shell extension.
Later, players could support that too using DirectShow or their internal
stuff (VLC, MPlayer).

About Chris's example, I see it as a technology preview, not something
everyone is able to play out of the box.

The format is still not 1.0 and not all features are currently supported by
all players... So until then nothing will be easy for everyone.

About the package thing, there are some things we can't distribute for legal
reasons. And what you propose is OS specific and has been rejected a long
time ago...

Actually the URL for the codec is also OS specific, and we hoped to have
Transors and a site about codecs to support this. But none of that is done

Finally I think that we should not say too much that Matroska is ready for
everyone. It is not until all 3 players support well all the features
(DirectShow + our interfaces, VLC, MPlayer). And it's with these people that
we have to improve our work. Once this is the case, we can say everyone that
they can choose whatever player they want and all Matroska features will be

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