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ChristianHJW christian at matroska.org
Mon Aug 18 02:10:17 CEST 2003

Yeechie Tu wrote:
> I'm wondering if there will be support for the Matroska media filetype.
> Information about this can be found at http://matroska.sourceforge.net

Sorry, but this URL is completely wrong. Actually, i am quite pissed 
about sourceforge's policy in this respect, the project has been marked 
for deletion on their server by me and another project administrator a 
couple of times already, but they simply write back bullshit like '... 
this project has generated usable code and this needs to be saved for 
other developers ...' , while we told them several times now that the 
project has completely moved to another server, leaving everything on 
their page unusable, not even a bit close to the up-to-date status, in 
short simply crap. But still many stupid search engines return the 
sourceforge page if you search the net for 'matroska' :( . However, 
google gives you the right pages ( again ) :

The official homepage is : http://www.matroska.org
Project Page with actual, usable library sourcecode ( C++ ) is : 

> I know that MPlayer does it but I dislike MPlayer, doh :)
> Kinda need a mediaplayer urgently that can play Matroska files but I
> refuse to use MPlayer >:)

Try VLC then, http://videolan.org, its has pretty good matroska support 
already, based on libebml/libmatroska 0.5.0 meanwhile, and the VLC devs 
care about keeping up-to-date with the fast ongoing development also . 
It seems Xine wont get matroska support anytime soon, the main devs told 
me some time ago they have different priorities, and invited us to add 
matroska support to Xine ourselves.


matroska project admin

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