[Matroska-general] extremely long time to load a movie

Steve Lhomme steve.lhomme at free.fr
Fri Aug 8 11:48:01 CEST 2003

> Hi.
> > Oh, too bad I wasn't there (no more heat for me, thank you) !
> > What is the issue ?
> Gabest skipped over all clusters trying to find the chapters on
> startup. That obviously results in high load times. Cyrius and I thought
> it'd be better to have a short startup time sacrificing accuracy,
> e.g. when the chapters are at the end of the file but there's not meta
> seek entry for them present.
> I don't know the outcome, however.

Well, there are different things. On the muxer part when a chapters are
added, they should be mentioned in the Meta Seek. And there really should
always be a meta seek (at least without the clusters).

Then on the playback there should be a simple option like "fast load" that
will only load the "meta" informations (cue, chapters, tags, etc) only if
they are before the first cluster... Maybe a secondary option (when fast
load is selected) would be "load more meta" which would load usefull "meta"
data (cue, chapters, tags, etc) when they are specified in a Meta Seek

When fast load is not enabled, it should work the way Gabest does it right
now. But IMO it shouldn't be the default (too basic) behaviour.

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