[Matroska-general] extremely long time to load a movie

tonek toba at cro.cz
Fri Aug 8 10:44:01 CEST 2003

Hi there

i've installed the great pack of tools (0.5.0 i guess) and everything's
working all right. There is one thing that bothers me a it: the time after
I start a movie and before it really starts is way too long

He re are the details:

movie: 680 MB Xvid
audio: 1x6ch AC3
container: matroska of course
additional: 20 chapters and 1xsubtitles
time to load the movie from HD: 35sec
time to load the movie from CD: 1min35sec

I tried all asort of aplyers - tcmp, mpc and mplayer2


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