[Matroska-general] Re: Release Time ! The CHIP release is ready to go ....

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Aug 4 16:20:45 CEST 2003


here the misssing links :

Hi Markus,

here the 2nd go ( matroska feature list was already updated :

) :

Christian HJ Wiesner wrote:

> Hi Markus, Hi all,
> this is a great day for the complete project, we have basically 
> everything working for the upcoming chip release, only some last 
> recompiles against the very latest library.
> 3. DirectShow parser filters / matroska playback installer : We 
> decided to include Gabest's filters in this release, as our own 
> 'official' filter gave problems with seeking in the file on some 
> tester machines, while Gabest's filter will also have a Async_reader 
> structure. However, we will prepare a complete NSIS installer with 
> automatic version checking for Win9x/ME ( we cant install the unicode 
> versions on them ), and will deliver this package tested via email to 
> you until this afternoon. 


Only allowed stuff, all GPL or freeware, no CoreAAC, and all with
automatic Windows version detection !

> 4. mkvtoolnix/mkvmerge : Have to be compiled against the newest 
> library and tested, but its working perfect with the very latest beta 
> of the lib, and there were no big changes ; It has support for 
> chapters already. Link to follow today, in another ( later ) email. 


> 5. mmg : the Windows GUI for mkvmerge, its working very good including 
> chapters, and the recompile of mkvmerge ( see above ) wont change 
> anything in the CLI structure of the program. To be obtained here : 
> http://corecodec.org/projects/mmg 

Installer pack with mmg and mkvmerge :
GUI alone : http://corecodec.org/download.php/11/mmg_0.6.0-r2.zip
Project Download Page :

> 6. TCMP RC4 : The guys are still asleep, but i know its ready, the 
> Pre-RC4 was tested heavily by several members already and found to be 
> good and much more stable than RC3. Its coming also with jcsston's 
> great matroska CDL, with full access to all matroska tags, for both 
> reading and writing. Its already compiled against libmatroska 0.5.0 
> and working fine

Released now : http://blacksun.corecodec.org/tcmp !!!!

Happy testing and article writing ;)

BTW : we will send a lot of announcements out to various webboards and
mailing lists about this last important update of the project, and
decided to call it 'CHIP release' ;-) .....


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