[Matroska-general] Release Time ! The CHIP release is ready to go ....

Christian HJ Wiesner chris at matroska.org
Mon Aug 4 11:18:24 CEST 2003

Hi Markus, Hi all,

this is a great day for the complete project, we have basically 
everything working for the upcoming chip release, only some last 
recompiles against the very latest library.

Here the links of the available stuff :

1. libmatroska/libebml 0.5.0 : Available here : 
http://matroska.free.fr/downloads/libmatroska-0.5.0.tar.gz and here 

2. VirtualdubMod : The team around Cyrius and Belgabor were the first, 
VdubMod 1.5.4 is uploaded and ready to go : 

3. DirectShow parser filters / matroska playback installer : We decided 
to include Gabest's filters in this release, as our own 'official' 
filter gave problems with seeking in the file on some tester machines, 
while Gabest's filter will also have a Async_reader structure. However, 
we will prepare a complete NSIS installer with automatic version 
checking for Win9x/ME ( we cant install the unicode versions on them ), 
and will deliver this package tested via email to you until this afternoon.

4. mkvtoolnix/mkvmerge : Have to be compiled against the newest library 
and tested, but its working perfect with the very latest beta of the 
lib, and there were no big changes ; It has support for chapters 
already. Link to follow today, in another ( later ) email.

5. mmg : the Windows GUI for mkvmerge, its working very good including 
chapters, and the recompile of mkvmerge ( see above ) wont change 
anything in the CLI structure of the program. To be obtained here : 

6. TCMP RC4 : The guys are still asleep, but i know its ready, the 
Pre-RC4 was tested heavily by several members already and found to be 
good and much more stable than RC3. Its coming also with jcsston's great 
matroska CDL, with full access to all matroska tags, for both reading 
and writing. Its already compiled against libmatroska 0.5.0 and working fine

7. matroska shell extension : Compiled against latest library also, 
available here : 
http://matroska.free.fr/downloads/cdl/matroskapropv1.3.exe ; We will 
maybe include the shell extension into the playback pack also and make 
it an optional install, please tell us what you think abut this.

8. MPC : Gabest said he is already in contact with you, but he is too 
lazy to complete the fax form ;) ..... however, i have the lof of him 
stating in the IRC channel that its ok for you to include both latest 
MPC and the matroskasplitter/matroskamuxer filters ( they are GPL anyway 
) ... link is also here : http://sf.net/projects/guliverkli

To be updated in the course of today


Christian Wiesner

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