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Subject: 	RE: Free, open standard / open source audio/video container
format 'MATROSKA' , to be used in the new Chinese AVS multimedia standard ?
Date: 	Fri, 1 Aug 2003 19:23:40 +0800
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Thanks for your interests in the AVS standard of China under
development. I will be happy to visit your homepage, and then keep the
AVS workgroup informed of your perspective contributions. Well, please
notice that at the moment we are developing only the source coding
standard targeting at the HDTV and HD-VD.

Anyway, thanks again for your information.

Best Regards,
Yan Lu

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Subject: Free, open standard / open source audio/video container format
'MATROSKA' , to be used in the new Chinese AVS multimedia standard ?


please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Christian HJ Wiesner and

i am project administrator of an open standard / open source audio/video

container format called MATROSKA . Besides the Russian sounding name, 
almost all of the developers of this project come from Europe ( mainly 
France and Germany ) and were creating this new standard free of cost, 
in their free time.
We were informed that the Chinese Government is planning to develop a 
new standard for audio and video compression called 'AVS' , and we would

like to invite you to have a look at the specification of the matroska 
container to see if this could be an option for you.

The homepage of matroska is  : http://www.matroska.org

The Specification is writte in doxygene format and can be found here : 

The matroska container is basing on a kind of 'Binary XML Language' 
called EBML  ( Extensible Binary Metalanguage ) : 

There are a couple of tools to create and play matroska files on Linux, 
Windows, MacOSX and BeOS, most of them are linked from this page : 

Matroska's main features as a container format are :

Timestamp based, for perfect sync
Arbitrary Filesizes supported
Arbitrary Number of tracks/streams supported
Extensible for the future, by using EBML as backbone
Advanced Menue's ( not implemented yet )
Control Tracks ( not implemented yet )
Attachement Files ( cover pictures, lyrics, etc. )
Very good hardware parsability
Very powerful tagging system
Fully Unicode / UTF8 based specifications
Flexible EDC/ECC (FEC), for perfect mode2 form2 support

Just to show the capabilities of this container, even if not being 
directly releated to your project, here is what our matroska tools do 
currently support :

MPEG4 video
RealVideo 9 video
AAC audio
AC3 audio
MP3 audio
Ogg Vorbis audio
DTS audio
SRT Text Subtitles ( UTF8 )
SSA/ASS Advanced Text Subtitles ( UTF8 )

We would be pleased if your developers could consider to use the 
matroska specs as a basis for your own container format, or if AVS would

use matroska as it is, of course without any payment as matroska belongs

in the public domaine ( no patents applied for, and its impossible to 
patent now as the specs are public already ).

Best regards

Christian HJ Wiesner
matroska project admin

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