[Matroska-devel] Warning issue - Error in the Matroska file structure at position

Moritz Bunkus mo at bunkus.online
Sat Dec 12 10:05:19 CET 2020


> Warning: ./output.abrx: Error in the Matroska file structure at position
> 1053115. Resyncing to the next level 1 element.

mkvinfo (and mkvmerge, too) read files in chunks of level 1 elements
(Tracks, Cluster, Cues etc.). It does so by:

1. Looking for a level 1 element ID
2. Reading that element's size
3. Reading the whole element and all of its children into memory
4. Seeking to the supposed end position of the element which is the
   position of the ID found in 1 + the size of the ID + the length of the
   size field read in 2 + the size itself.
5. Looking for the next level 1 element ID

If at step 5 the next level 1 element ID is not exactly at the position
mkvinfo or mkvmerge expected it to be, it considers the file to be broken
and the aforementioned warning is emitted. It'll then scan the following
content for a valid level 1 element ID, and if it finds one, continue with
steps 2–5 from that position on. Additionally that position will be
mentioned in the following warning:

> Warning: Resyncing successful at position 1319081.

What's most likely is that in your file the size of the previous level 1
element (Tracks most likely judging by your output) seems to be wrong.

Kind regards,

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