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hubblec4 hubblec4 at gmx.ch
Sun Feb 19 14:15:53 CET 2017

Hi all

I hope this topic is not too boring and we can improve/implement 
important "use" notes.

In my chapterEditor thread was a topic "chapter.xml from makemkv" which 
generate non-ordered chapters with end time stamps. So far known to me 
there is no splitter which read the end times of non-ordered chapters.
In Mosu's new Chapter Editor is it not more possible to set the start 
times equal to the end times.
The DVDMenuXtractor generate ordered chapters without an end time stamp.

What is the correct behavior?

My suggestions are:
Data for non-ordered chapters can be set, but with a warning/info that 
this data will not be used.
Ordered-chapter end times can be set to "empty", equal or greater as the 
start time but never smaller as the start time.

The normal way:
End times are greater as the start times. A new virtual timeline use 
this chapter and takes the play duration of this chapter into account.

End time equal to start time:
Lav splitter ignores such ordered chapters, cause the play duration is 0.
Furthermore LAV-splitter recognized only Level 1 ordered chapters.
For this I have three possible ways in my mind.
1. Only as chapter mark
The chapter is shown to the user interface and you can jump to this 
point in the timeline. This is the same behaviour like ordered chapters 
from Level 2 and deeper. LAV-splitter ignores the "ordered" state and 
reads the start time only.

2. Use the ordered times from the nested ordered chapter (I prefer this 
Nested-ordered-endtimes is a topic where I can't find infos. My theorie 
is that such chapters must have then
nested chapters and the first nested chapter start time must be the 
start/end time of the parent chapter.
A splitter should read than the nested-ordered play duration an takes 
into acount.

3. Endless loop
The frame which correspond to the start time of such a chapter is shown 
We could simulate a behaviour for menu's like in DVD's/Bluray's. Some 
user option in the player could be prohibited.

Empty end times:
This can be found in DVDMenuXtractor menu.xml output.
In principle we could use the same 3 possibilities here like for "End 
time equal to start time"

Another EBML element which makes not right sense to me, is 
When such an UID is specified, the splitter should play this edition 
from the linked segment.
But an edition have not a start nor an end time!
What is with the specified chapter start and end time? This chapter 
duration must than match as a sum of all chapter play durations of the 
linked edition. What is when in the linked edition has chapters with 
linking to other editions?
Or is there an other method in use?

Thanks for reading and sorry for my bad english.

Best reagrds

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