[Matroska-devel] Matroska websites fully encrypted

Moritz Bunkus via Matroska-devel matroska-devel at lists.matroska.org
Sat Jan 30 17:55:17 CET 2016


just an FYI. While you other guys are having fun at FOSDEM I've set up
encryption for the main Matroska websites (www.matroska.org,
dl.matroksa.org, lists.matroska.org) using "Let's Encrypt"
certificates. The unencrypted sites redirect to the encrypted ones

I've also fixed all sites to include encrypted resources only, but it's
entirely possible that I've missed some. If you stumble across a page
where the browser indicates that mixed/unencrypted content is loaded
please drop me a line. Thanks.

Kind regards,
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