[Matroska-devel] MVC base view: left or right eye

Hendrik Leppkes via Matroska-devel matroska-devel at lists.matroska.org
Mon Jan 25 12:20:15 CET 2016

On Mon, Jan 25, 2016 at 12:15 PM, madshi via Matroska-devel
<matroska-devel at lists.matroska.org> wrote:
> Hi there,
> when muxing MVC 3D Blu-Rays to MKV (which I think at this point only
> MakeMKV can do?), there is one piece of information which MKV
> currently isn't specced for:
> 3D Blu-Rays have a flag in the playlist file which indicates whether
> the MVC base view (h264 stream) is the left or right eye:
>> MVC_Base_view_R_flag:
>> This flag indicates if the MPEG-4 MVC Base view video stream
>> of this PlayList is Left eye or Right eye video.
>> 0b = video stream referred to by this PlayList is video for Left eye
>> 1b = video stream referred to by this PlayList is video for Right eye
> This is an important piece of information because if it isn't stored
> in the MKV, during playback nobody knows which of the two frames is
> for the left and which for the right eye. Most 3D Blu-Rays use the
> h264 video stream (MVC base view) for the left eye and the MVC stream
> (MVC dependent view) for the right eye, I think, but some have this
> inverted.
> So I'm proposing a new information field which clarifies whether the
> h264 base stream is left or right eye. Not sure about the name, here
> are some suggestions:
> 1) "3dBaseViewIsRightEye" or "mvcBaseViewIsRightEye", boolean default false
> 2) "inverted3d" or "swappedEyes" or mix of both, boolean default false
> I suppose storing this in the header for the whole MKV file should do,
> but I'm not opposed to storing it per track or block or whatever.

Instead of new elements, should just expand the StereoMode element for
MVC Left/Right and MVC Right/Left (ie. 15 and 16?)
Or maybe values 13/14 are already supposed to mean this? (13 both eyes
laced in one Block (left eye is first), 14 both eyes laced in one
Block (right eye is first))

- Hendrik

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