[Matroska-devel] MVC base view: left or right eye

madshi via Matroska-devel matroska-devel at lists.matroska.org
Mon Jan 25 12:15:13 CET 2016

Hi there,

when muxing MVC 3D Blu-Rays to MKV (which I think at this point only
MakeMKV can do?), there is one piece of information which MKV
currently isn't specced for:

3D Blu-Rays have a flag in the playlist file which indicates whether
the MVC base view (h264 stream) is the left or right eye:

> MVC_Base_view_R_flag:
> This flag indicates if the MPEG-4 MVC Base view video stream
> of this PlayList is Left eye or Right eye video.
> 0b = video stream referred to by this PlayList is video for Left eye
> 1b = video stream referred to by this PlayList is video for Right eye

This is an important piece of information because if it isn't stored
in the MKV, during playback nobody knows which of the two frames is
for the left and which for the right eye. Most 3D Blu-Rays use the
h264 video stream (MVC base view) for the left eye and the MVC stream
(MVC dependent view) for the right eye, I think, but some have this

So I'm proposing a new information field which clarifies whether the
h264 base stream is left or right eye. Not sure about the name, here
are some suggestions:

1) "3dBaseViewIsRightEye" or "mvcBaseViewIsRightEye", boolean default false
2) "inverted3d" or "swappedEyes" or mix of both, boolean default false

I suppose storing this in the header for the whole MKV file should do,
but I'm not opposed to storing it per track or block or whatever.


Best regards, Mathias.

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