[Matroska-devel] problems with AVC in Matroska

Paul van Doleweerd via Matroska-devel matroska-devel at lists.matroska.org
Thu Feb 11 16:01:32 CET 2016

> 1. Insist on getting the frame type and reference information from the
>    AVC bitstream and converting that information into Matroska's
>    reference scheme. This is, like I said above, very, very
>    complicated. It will push the next mkvtoolnix release far into the
>    future, probably right into March. Or the next release will not
>    contain AVC support. We also have to think about other applications
>    like gstreamer which will have difficulties transporting all
>    reference information to the muxers, I fear.
> 2. Store AVC "the MP4 way". This would mean that we use the proper
>    timestamps but do not differentiate between P and B frames. That 
>    all the information required can be taken from the MP4 container
>    level. This is way easier to implement.

I have television programs in mp4 format, and I generally use TEncoder 
to do a quick and dirty conversion to avi for the sole reason the set 
top box in my bedroom can only play avi. TEncoder balks at a lot of 
files, but I found that making an mkv with mkvtoolnix and dropping that 
into TEncoder fixes almost everything. I have been getting the warning 
about the CTTS Atom recently, but the the resulting mkv files and the 
new avi files seem to play without issue, except the audio is a fraction 

Option 2 first, and if it works, option 1 can be ignored.

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