[Matroska-devel] Matroska websites fully encrypted

Steve Lhomme via Matroska-devel matroska-devel at lists.matroska.org
Mon Feb 1 08:42:16 CET 2016

Great news, thanks !

2016-01-30 17:55 GMT+01:00 Moritz Bunkus via Matroska-devel
<matroska-devel at lists.matroska.org>:
> Hey,
> just an FYI. While you other guys are having fun at FOSDEM I've set up
> encryption for the main Matroska websites (www.matroska.org,
> dl.matroksa.org, lists.matroska.org) using "Let's Encrypt"
> certificates. The unencrypted sites redirect to the encrypted ones
> automatically.
> I've also fixed all sites to include encrypted resources only, but it's
> entirely possible that I've missed some. If you stumble across a page
> where the browser indicates that mixed/unencrypted content is loaded
> please drop me a line. Thanks.
> Kind regards,
> mosu
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