[Matroska-devel] Several (minor) issues or underspecified areas in the MKV spec

Michael Bradshaw mjbshaw at google.com
Fri Nov 20 19:41:36 CET 2015

How should mandatory master elements be handled if they are not present in
the bitstream?

Consider, for example, the ContentEncoding element. It's mandatory, and its
children have appropriate default values such that a ContentEncoding
element of zero size is perfectly fine. Now, taking things a step further,
could this ContentEncoding element be completely removed from the
bitstream? Or is it required to be present in the bitstream?

I ask because mandatory non-master elements (with appropriate default
values) can be completely removed from the bitstream (though I don't think
this behavior is codified in the MKV/EBML specs, so I think it would be
ideal to codify it in the specs). But the lack of specification makes it
unclear whether mandatory master elements are afforded the same feature.


--Michael Bradshaw
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