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Chris Cunningham chcunningham at google.com
Sat Feb 28 03:27:38 CET 2015

Hey Matroska!

First, let me apologize if I'm asking an answered question. The mailing
list search function is a bad link

I work on Chromium Media and we've seen a little confusion from content
creators around a line that was added
to the Matroska spec <http://www.matroska.org/technical/specs/index.html>
for BlockDuration (and whether it should be used in WebM):

"When set to 0 that means the frame is not a keyframe."

Just curious about the history/motivations for this. WebM's container
guidelines don't mention this and AFAIK WebM (de)muxers just use
ReferenceBlocks ... is there an edge-case where that doesn't work out?

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