[Matroska-devel] i want some future in mkv file

นายโอ้นโต้น ลูกรำเพลิน toooooooon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 3 08:39:17 CEST 2014

hi MKV team

at first sory for my English

all time i watched movies via .mkv not other format . i used vlc media
player or XMBC kmplayer

when i add movies to library i seek  "movies COVER" movies rate , director
, writer . plot , genres in google imdb wiki so bore.......

when dont have XMBC  i order them by file name , directory name

suck as b13_action_engsub_720_bra_bra_bra_.mkv

that so long ......... hard to seek , boring comand line in unix

what i need
- short name movies " Forest gump.mkv" that not important thing can use
aaaaaa.mkv bbbbb.mkv (ref by md5 important )
- all meta data in single xml file suckas  (ref in imdb.com or wiki )
- Movies name in English and Name in Other Contry maybe  difference name
- writer eng name . contry name
- director
- Actor
- some plot  , review , comment , hint ,
- genres si-fi action drama life spot doom (for function search in program )
- Osca price *** not much
- Cover , and screen short (png , jpg , tiff , binary in tag xml ) like
.mp3 cd Cover when play in indows media player  .... i need this much bro...

- md5 hash  ( if drive has same file )
- all meta data in single xml file ( maybe )
- all meta data suport more than 2 luanuage (cover in Original , other
Contry )

why this i want ?

- am not English peaple , iam asian , am not fan Movies that know every
thing (some peaple in some contry  dont know Orignal movies name  suck as
thai china japan )
- some time i random play movies i have whatched by genres ....  but i have
full name that so long name... then stop random play !!!
- i use XMBC kmlayer (media home , portal ) or some program like that ,some
data when add movies to libs, i must search it for other palce sucke google
wiki imdb
- some peaple Edit movies or Convert Movies  now change only Vedio , Audio
, Sub ... it wouldbe good if meta data can add on it for our contry ( some
movies name in my contry so funny and dint like Original name  suck as iron
man Mass Destruction man with iron suit

- if this meta data in single file some program search only .mkv in
harddisk drive or network drive (back ground search like "every thing
search" windows apps ) but store meta data in own Database not search
google again ...

- less time for manage Movies

ps .  mkv change my life for watch movies i used only .mkv

best regards

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