[Matroska-devel] mp4 from camera stopped working after update of Haali Media Splitter

Bart Barenbrug bart at barenbrug.info
Sat Aug 10 15:47:33 CEST 2013


First time posting here, so first off: thank you very much for all the great

I'm posting to report a possible bug in Haali Media Splitter: I have some
mp4 files recorded with a camera, which used to work fine (meaning giving
both video and audio) using a previous version of Haali Media Splitter
(version, but after an upgrade to the latest version
( I only get audio. Opening any of the affected mp4 files in
graphedit or graphstudio does select the Haali Media Splitter filter, but
the filter only exposes one audio output pin, an no longer also a video pin
like it does with the older version. I made a small (a good 3 MB) very short
sample video (which shows this behavior) available here:
http://barenbrug.info/haali/PIC_2410.MP4 . 

If this behavior is unintended (the video is somewhat special as it it
stereoscopic, in avc mvc format), hopefully the info above can help improve
the Haali Media Splitter even further.


Bart Barenbrug

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