[Matroska-devel] Attached Files

Dan Hinsley danhi at cox.net
Sun Sep 2 19:47:52 CEST 2012

I'm making progress.  What I ended up doing to make VLC happy is to have the
first SeekHead have the Seek for Tags as well as the the Seek to the
secondary SeekHead.  This works for tags, and since it still sees the cover
art, I assume it's finding the Seek for the Attachments as well.

Which brings up the next point.  In the cover_art sample, there are four
files (cover.jpg, cover_land.jpg, and the same with small_ prepended).  Is
there a standard for this?  I see that VLC picks the first one.  My current
app (that tags MP4 files) just writes out one image (even though multiple
are supported in that container as well).  Is this a reasonable plan for MKV
as well?



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