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Peter Wimmer peter.wimmer at 3dtv.at
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MVC streams have a subset SPS and a second PPS. These should be put in a new CodecPrivateEx or CodecPrivateMvc element. Appending the subset SPS to the SPS/PPS in the CodecPrivater data crashes existing parsers (according to Mike from MakeMKV).

My posting here is related to this discussion: http://www.makemkv.com/forum2/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=4781&p=23980&hilit=3dtv.at#p23980

MakeMKV currently creates MKV files without the subset SPS in the header. This makes it impossible to find out if it is an AVC or MVC file without parsing the bitstream, and makes parsing the Matroska file as inconvenient as an MPEG transport stream. On the other hand, MP4 did it well: In the MP4 container, this issue has been solved with the mvcC atom that exists in addition to the avcC atom if it is a MVC file. The mvcC atom containsd the subset SPS and the second PPS.

The MP4 avcC atom corresponds to Matroska's CodecPrivate element.
The MP4 mvcC atom would  corresponds to Matroska's new CodecPrivateEx/Mvc element.

I hope for a quick addition of MVC to the Matroska spec. Otherwise, the current less-than-ideal MakeMVC approach will become the defacto standard.

I've already added MVC supported to the MP4 and MPEG-TS of MPC-HC because I use these splitters in the Stereoscopic Player. Parts of my patches (http://www.3dtv.at/OpenSource) have already be added to the MPC-HC repository.

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On 11/29/2012 06:24 AM, Peter Wimmer wrote:
> Hello!
> Are there any plans to specifiy how MVC (the 3D extension of AVC) should be put into an MKV file?
Is there additional information that you think needs to be signaled at the container level?  AFAIK, all the necessary information is available in the h.264 SEI frame packing arrangement structure.  So you package MVC in mkv exactly the same way that you package AVC in mkv.

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