[Matroska-devel] Haali Media Splitter: Track limitation & playback issues

Ben Humpert ben at an3k.de
Wed May 16 02:15:35 CEST 2012

Hi everybody.

First i want to thank you guys for such great work (matroska, haali's
splitter, coreavc)!

I have some issues with haali's media splitter. The first is that
there is a limit of 32 tracks HMS handles. I have here a self-created
mkv file with one video track (H.264), five audio tracks (AC3) and 29
subtitles (VobSub). Everything is shown in Halli's Splitter / VSFilter
except the last three subtitles. If i remove two audio tracks from the
mkv (or create a new one) only the last subtitle isn't shown.

If i play the mkv in MPC (with internal mkv splitter) i can see all
video, audio and subtitle tracks.

The second issue i have is very confusing. The first mkv i created
(H.264 video + AC3 audio + VobSubs) worked like a charm in every
player (including WMP 12 :) and i continued creating mkvs the same
way. Then suddenly the newest file stopped working. Normally i use WMP
12 64-Bit + Haali Media Splitter 64-Bit + CoreAVC 64-Bit but with that
combination the file didn't worked so i tried the same configuration
but in 32-Bit and here the file worked. Until now. The same problem
happens when i use MPC with external splitter = Haali Media Splitter.

If i open the mkv i just see a blank screen and no audio or subs and
the CoreAVC icon is blue, meaning there is no GPU acceleration. If i
seek to wherever in the file (or select a different audio or subtitle
track in Haali) it immediately starts working (video + audio + subs)
and the CoreAVC icon switches to green (CUDA) or red (DXVA). If i stop
the playback and start it again i have the same issues even with
CoreAVC & Haali Splitter not being terminated between the previous and
this playback. If i play the same file in MPC with internal splitter
there are no problems.

I also tried other mkvs not made by myself and these files are working
without any problems. First I thought that my files cause this error
but they worked before and i didn't modified them since they worked so
there must be another reason. After the files stopped working in
64-Bit but worked in 32-Bit i thought there was a problem in 64-Bit
but since the files aren't working in 32-Bit anymore too there has to
be a general problem. I also don't think its my system because other
files are working very well in 32 and 64-Bit.

Please tell me what more information do you need and i'll send them in
asap. Thank you very much!

- Ben

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