[Matroska-devel] MVC codec in Matroska container

Peter Wimmer (Lists) peter.wimmer.lists at 3dtv.at
Wed Dec 12 13:48:05 CET 2012


Could you send me (and maybe other people who are involved in creating the specs) a version of MakeMKV that puts the mvcC atom in the CodecPrivate element. You sample file works fine, but I would do more thorough  testing before I release a new player version.

Regarding the release schedule: When do you plan to release a new version? I plan to release a new player early next week.

I would also kindly ask the Matroska team to review the proposal and the sample code once more. Right now it would be very easy to make changes, but once the new versions of MakeMKV and the Stereoscopic Player are released, any incompatible changes would mean frustration to the users.

Best regards,

Peter Wimmer
Wankmüllerhofstr. 9
4020 Linz
office at 3dtv.at

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