[Matroska-devel] MVC codec in Matroska container

Peter Wimmer (Lists) peter.wimmer.lists at 3dtv.at
Wed Dec 12 13:37:13 CET 2012

You can download the ITU Conformance Vectors, which are raw MVC streams.

MP4 files can be recorded with the JVC GS-TD1 3D camcorder. I have a few samples, I can upload one if you need it. The JVC files use one stream for both the base view and the 2nd view, a avcC and a mvcC atom.

Sony camcorders use MPEG-TS streams as 3D Blu-rays do. Base view and 2nd view use separate PIDs, the two streams must be merged when creating an MP4 or MKV file and the (Subset-)SPS/PPS copied to the headers.


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good to hear.

BTW: Does anyone have sample files as MP4 and/or raw h.264 elementary streams? I'll need to patch mkvmerge to handle those as well, not just the MvcC-in-Matroska case.

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