[Matroska-devel] MVC codec in Matroska container

Peter Wimmer (Lists) peter.wimmer.lists at 3dtv.at
Mon Dec 3 02:20:38 CET 2012

>> MVC streams have a subset SPS and a second PPS. These should be put in a new CodecPrivateEx or CodecPrivateMvc element. Appending the subset SPS to the SPS/PPS in the CodecPrivater data crashes existing parsers (according to Mike from MakeMKV).

> Cutting it short here; sounds fine to me so far. I can add the element to the specs; we're in the middle between v3 and v4 at the moment anyway. But I'd like to get Steve's input on this as well. Even though he's reading the list I'm purposefully CCing him on this one so that it may get more of his attention :)

Excellent, please let me know when there is an element ID so that I can start working on the implementation.


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