[Matroska-devel] Haali splitter feature request (forced subtitles)

Robert Šusta robert.susta at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 11:12:19 CEST 2012

I would like to have the forced tag on the subtitles stream accounted
when selecting the default audio/subtitle pins on initial graph
construction. The haali splitter has in its options/languages very
usefull audio and subtitle languages field. I use this string by default
'slo,off;cze,off;*,slo;*,cze;*,eng;*,off' to have Slovak or Czech audio
with no subtitles if possible, otherwise the default audio with subs i
can read and understand and no subs if there are no readable subs in the
I was hoping for something like this:
'slo,SLO;cze,CZE;eng,ENG;slo,off;cze,off;*,slo;*,cze;*,eng;*,off' where
an uppercased entry means subtitle track with forced flag. It will allow
me to have appropriate forced track enabled by default when present. For
some movies (like the Stargate movie where some dialogues are spoken
with Goa'uld language or many other movies with occasional multilanguage
dialogues and where forced subs are available, but now you have to know
this and enable the subtitle stream after player startup manually) such
stream is really needed... Other possibility is to automatically select
forced subtitle stream of the same language as selected audio stream
without any configuration options. Or do some brainstorming about
possible solutions and maybe it will come something much better out of
it. Anyway I hope the feature or/and suggested solution will be
considered interesting and will be implemented soon.
Thank you and thank you for all the good work made with the mkv so far
as well.

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