[Matroska-devel] Hi, question about the MKV tags

Boris Juraga boris.juraga at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 12:11:36 CET 2011

Ok, thanks for the help so far. Now i have something to go on and
start building the C# library. I guess i will have to make one for the
EBML and one for Matroska. Besides that i will have to explore more on
the voiding so maybe i will be able to use some "empty" place after
the tags so no remux is needed. As for the ORIGINAL_MEDIA_TYPE and
CONTENT_TYPE, i first found them existing in media files using the
Microsoft Zune Software for the few .wmv files i had. Then i started
searching for similar things in Matroska. In vmw they use some
{9032-02938......} UID's for those fields and they only display the
"user-friendly" string. I think you can make something of this for the

On Mon, Jan 31, 2011 at 10:23 AM, Steve Lhomme <slhomme at matroska.org> wrote:
> The example set of possible values are right there in the specs:
> http://www.matroska.org/technical/specs/tagging/index.html
> ORIGINAL_MEDIA_TYPE     UTF-8   Describes the original type of the media,
> such as, "DVD", "CD", "computer image," "drawing," "lithograph," and
> so forth. This is akin to the TMED tag in ID3.
> CONTENT_TYPE    UTF-8   The type of the item. e.g. Documentary, Feature
> Film, Cartoon, Music Video, Music, Sound FX, ...
> Now I realize that these values are in English. It may not be very
> interesting to have the fields that have a set of (text) values to be
> in text form. On the other hand when it's a known value it may be
> translated from that known value (when writing it needs to be put in
> English, when it's a known value).
> The media type values should probably be the ones described here:
> http://www.id3.org/id3v2.3.0#TMED
> It's missing Bluray. If you can think of any values missing we'll add
> it to the specs (soon enough).
> For the XML it's pretty easy, you take the example in
> http://www.matroska.org/technical/specs/tagging/example-video.html and
> add a ORIGINAL_MEDIA_TYPE in the section for the "whole show".
> For the C# code unfortunately I cannot help.
> And please use the mailing list if you want to have a chance to be
> read by people who can actually help you.
> On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 7:06 PM, Boris Juraga <boris.juraga at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Sun, Jan 30, 2011 at 6:49 PM, Steve Lhomme <slhomme at matroska.org> wrote:
>>> PS: the same goes for cover art. For a long time there was no standard
>>> way to do it. It's been added on the website and now we still need
>>> Media Centers or any "visual" player to support it. One way or another
>>> we will have to push in that direction too.
>>> As you can see, there's a lot to do. It's not just one software to
>>> code for, but all of them (at least the open source ones).
>> Well i appreciate that, i hope you consider my emails as a
>> constructive criticism, as that is the reason i wrote them, and also
>> to see where things stand for Matroska.
>> I have already used the cover art standard for big part of my
>> collection. Now i have all subtitles and all cover art inside my mkv's
>> and i can read them out and display them in my media library app. But
>> so far i have used code from all over the internet and i like to make
>> a C# library that will be able to read\write MKV (possibly all other
>> Matroska) - and i dont mean transfer .avi or something in .mkv, but
>> editing mkv attachments and tags. What do you think is really the
>> usability of that kind of lib? I am not really familiar with hosting
>> open source projects and getting help from others so any pointers are
>> welcome. Also i need more help on forming the xml tags for now to be
>> able to test against .mkv's with tags inside. On the web there are no
>> examples including ORIGINAL_MEDIA_TYPE and CONTENT_TYPE tags. Can you
>> create one simple xml draft for me? Scenario is: MKV containing Dexter
>> episode 1 season 1. Also where can i find the list containing the
>> "Feature Film" and others?
>> Thanks for the quick answers and the help so far,
>> Boris Juraga
> --
> Steve Lhomme
> Matroska association Chairman

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