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I'm working on an MKV writer and an MKV parser, and I'm trying to add lacing
support.  I'm using the MKV specs at
http://matroska.org/technical/specs/index.html.  As such, I've got a couple
of questions about the EBML lacing method.  Having run fruitless searches on
Google and on these mailing lists, here are my questions:

1.  It looks like EBML lacing use "one's complement" for its lacing sizes.
Is this correct?  It seems a little non-standard, especially since, earlier
in the spec, it is evident that the signed integer data element type uses
the much more common "two's complement" (e.g. -2 = 0xFE).

2.  The example for EBML lacing uses an example where the first frame is 800
bytes, the second 500, and the third 1000.  The spec example claims:

"Lacing sizes: only the 2 first ones will be coded, 800 gives 0x320 + 0x4000
= 0x4320, 500 is coded as -300 : - 0x12C + 0x1FFF + 0x4000 = 0x5ED3. The
size of the last frame is deduced from the total size of the Block."

Now, I'm fine with encoding 800 as 0x4320, but encoding -300 as 0x5ED3
leaves me with a problem.  If I were decoding 0x5ED3, the first bit
encountered after the EBML size-bits is a 0, leading me to interpret the
value as positive, getting 7891 instead of -300.  Assuming a one's
complement system, shouldn't this value actually be 0x7ED3 so that the most
significant digit after the EBML size-bits is a 1?  Or am I missing
something obvious?

Thanks for any help!

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