[Matroska-devel] Hi, question about the MKV tags

Santiago Jimeno sjimeno at ya.com
Mon Feb 14 17:26:29 CET 2011

If padding behind Seekhead is used (inside or after) for other necessities, 
the supposed advantage is annulled.
Everything is possible to be changed. But it is not the possibility but the 
certainty this padding won't be respected, what do that I insist in that the 
best solution is to put it inside SeekHead.

Mosu > Leaving voids everywhere is not a proper solution.

I also think it is not necessary leaving padding everywhere. But I am saying 
a while ago that for avoiding them there are few alternatives in the current 
situation. If we want to avoid big padding there are only two alternatives:
- Taking metadata out of Segment
- Putting metadata always at the end.
But now, I can only adapt to the established.

Mosu > There's only one case that should always be checked: that there's 
enough space in front of the first cluster for at least a seekhead with a 
single entry. That seekhead can point to a secondary seekhead (e.g. near the 
end of the file) that contains pointers to all the other level 1 elements.

OK. But this option is deprecated in Order Guidelines.

Regards. Santiago

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