[Matroska-devel] Hi, question about the MKV tags

Santiago Jimeno sjimeno at ya.com
Sat Feb 12 16:35:21 CET 2011

Steve > mkclean puts the Void inside the SeekHead element. In the end the
> result is almost the same.
Mosu >Not really.

Indeed is not the same thing. I agree with Mosu. For that reason I asked the 
question. And the same question is expandable for the rest (Tags, 
Attachments). As for padding in Attachments (without Remux) would maybe give 
for an extensive new thread.

But I agree also with Steve that should have padding there where it is 
necessary. Inside the amendable elements and for each segment. But they 
should be very well calculated for not increasing file size. We don't have 
another election if one want to preserve the current container structure.

Mosu, if you think that rewriting SeekHead (padding inside) does most 
complex the code, this is not anything in comparison with writing an editor 
(without Remux) keeping in mind each programmer's occurrences. So my code is 
full of conditional. But modify SeekHead is the simplest thing in comparison 
with other edition tasks.
So I should look for padding in the elements to modify and in the segment. I 
have already corrected my code to upgrade it to the "aleatory" system. I 
have also included code for Lyrics.

But if I should keep in mind all the possible aspects of flexibility, why 
should not other programmers do it ? They should also look for padding 
inside each element (if they want to adapt it).

I think that the extreme (excessive normative or flexibility) is erroneous. 
The better thing is a balance among both things. But it seems that Steve is 
beginning to think that he maybe should in the future to put some "must" 
more than those that there is in Order Guidelines.

Finally, each app. is what is. And other users should adapt to what that 
app. does, as well as the app. adapts to the container requirements . For 
the moment one cannot demand more. But if somebody wants more he can begin 
to work without depending on any app.

PS for Mosu. When I finish therewith I would like to recapture what we speak 
about TrueHd bug and of calculation of the file play duration.

Regards. Santiago

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