[Matroska-devel] Hi, question about the MKV tags

Boris Juraga boris.juraga at gmail.com
Sat Feb 12 11:52:56 CET 2011

>> This is the intention of Alexander Noe (author of AVI-Mux GUI) to put
>> elements in random position when possible. So that readers don't
>> assume fixed positions. This is to ensure better long term
>> compatibility.
> I agree with Alex on this. Even though mkvmerge doesn't do it to the extent
> that AVI-Mux GUI does mkvmerge often does things that annoy existing readers
> while staying 100% spec compliant

Well i like your approach on this, but you see, then you are "forcing"
other people (99.99% of the people using mkvmerge to convert from
various containers to Matroska) who can not develop their own muxers
and tools for matroska to see the container from your perspective. Not
to disrespect you or your work, but if you cared about Matroska in the
way you stated above you would've made a tag editor that does not
remux the file and we would not be having this conversation. I would
simple download a Matroska Tag Editor.exe from somewhere and stick
with only creating the Mtroska Media Library i first started building.
But now i have almost complete application, and no app to build the
"complete" matroska files. So this is the downside of open source, and
i know that no one makes money on this, and to use its own time "for
free" is givingto the world but we need to make one good tag editor
now, and it better only support simple matroska files, so people can
start to use it. media centers can start using it. and then we can
version it and upgrade. If i knew how to run an open source project on
sourceforge or similar i would by now. But untill recently i was a
full time employed C# developer so my perspective on open source is
just opening.

Again, no disrespect meant, my point is that i think We should make
something for Matroska, and not just for us.

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