[Matroska-devel] Hi, question about the MKV tags

Santiago Jimeno sjimeno at ya.com
Thu Feb 10 12:10:03 CET 2011

>> Yes, I will change the specs to make sure it's clear that padding
>> after SeekHead is recommended (even for things that don't even exist
>> yet in Matroska).
> OK, I will first update mkclean to leave more space (right now there's
> only space for one element).

Testing files I see there are two possibilities to put space:
- After SeekHead (This is what mkvmerge does ), as Segment child
- Inside SeekHead at the end
How do you plan to put it?.

On the other hand, in the same test I have found that there is apps that 
invert the elements placement in SeekHead and Tags
In Tags (TagString before TagName) and in Seek (SEEKPOSITION before SEEKID)
Example of AVI-Mux GUI :

I know there is not a fixed elements order, but is it of common sense to do 
this in these cases?.
Should we give as valid this fact or to ignore Tags data?

My battery of samples is small for tests. Would I be able to get several 

Regards. Santiag

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