[Matroska-devel] Hi, question about the MKV tags

Steve Lhomme slhomme at matroska.org
Sat Feb 5 18:16:14 CET 2011

On Sat, Feb 5, 2011 at 5:28 PM, Santiago Jimeno <sjimeno at ya.com> wrote:
> I wrote indicating, mistaken or not, what I proposed to improve the Tags
> edition. But the decision corresponds to Matroska team that are who can want
> a bigger success for the Tags. If Matroska Tags is successful I will
> maintain the edition in my program, anyone are the norms. If they are not
> successful I will remove it. For your tranquility I already commented the
> problems of FLAC and WMA-ASF. WMA-ASF write Tags and Pictures in 5 file
> blocks different. An complete example of complexity.
> None of my messages contained personal criticizes and my opinions were based
> on data of my experience. I don't have necessity to support personal
> comments and without arguments of somebody as the such Boris that doesn't
> know me of anything.
> For that reason, if you have some interest in continuing talking about this
> topic I suggest that we pass to private messages.

I agree, no need to go to the personal level. But technical
discussions have to be done publicly whenever possible, to make sure
all that have an opinion can express in time. (the recent problem with
StereoMode changes is a good example of something that could have been
avoided with more public talks)

> There is not problem to write SeekHead if there is space void behind. All
> the systems of Tags demand some modification type when being edited (blocks
> size, Seekhead or what they request) and in some cases a simple word
> modification supposes to write sizes in multiple places. But anyway writing
> SeekHead is not complex. I change its content in a dynamic way during the
> edition. Then, when concluding it's only necessary to write Seek block on
> its place (if there is space void like in mkvmerge, or even smaller void
> size).

Yes, I will change the specs to make sure it's clear that padding
after SeekHead is recommended (even for things that don't even exist
yet in Matroska).

> As for LYRICS there is two posiblidades. To show them in real time and this
> would be a subtitle in a player. As my program it's not a player I only
> think about to add it like TagString in a SimpleTag and with TargetType = 30
> (track).

I'd rather keep it as synchronized, because that's the best way to use
it. One thing I hate is when the same information is found twice in a
file. Because if one is changed, the other is unlikely to be fixed.
Plus it takes more space. Same reason why I prefer cover art in one
place and not 2 possible (and since cover art is already common as
attachment, that mode has to prevail). But for lyrics I guess it could
be put in tags too, because adding the syncrhonisation info is a lot
of work and will never happen in basic tag editors. So I will add an
"entity" in the tags specification.


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