[Matroska-devel] Hi, question about the MKV tags

Boris Juraga boris.juraga at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 15:03:08 CET 2011

Well ok, i respect other people opinions, i am here to read them and
express mine too.

To Santiago: All this pushing to make the tags at the end of the file
as a standard -- you have to understand that it benefits only you, and
Matroska is made to be the only flexible container in the world in my
opinion. No one is stoping you and your app to place the tags at the
end (Reasons: you are lazy to move parts of file, you dont know how to
insert (reserve) void space after the tags, you are woried about speed
and need of remuxing, etc.), but it is not in the specs and there are
allot more reasons that the tags are in the front (again: Matroska is
flexible container). I am making tag reading, tag creating and soon
tag writing app too, so i best understand you and the problems you
have, but it has to stay this way as it benefits a wider group of
users, apps and scenarios. Also as Steve said about the pictures in
tags -- the other containers had to hack their specs so they are able
to contain cover art, Matroska has attachments for that. Also cover
art is not going to be edited (read: removed and added new), but
either if the file does not contain cover art it will be added, or if
contains some it will be appended (completed). For this i think it is
normal to wait the remuxing process. Tags are much much smaller in
bytes and are much much complex for creating, so i think they are like
this for a reason -- flexibility. I think that placing pictures in the
tags is arbitrary. It does not suit anyone. If you think of a scenario
where this will be inevitable please share it here. In the mean time
tell me how your app handles tags and will it be used like a library
for other applications to build UI, or you allow people to edit them.
If the latter is true, i hope you made it to the place where you have
to think of different tags "profiles" for different file types.

Boris Juraga

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