[Matroska-devel] Gstreamer Matroska muxer plugin

Huzefa Siyamwala huzefa.siyamwala at sibridgetech.com
Thu Dec 8 07:16:29 CET 2011

i have been implementing plugin for gstreamer and got to used matroska mux
as one of the element in pipeline. But i found that for mpeg video streams
it cannot mux all the frames and it simply muxes the first frame with zero
timecode and discards all other frames.i am using mpegvideo parse for mpeg
version1,2 video files and and mpeg4videoparse for mpeg4 video files.I am
not able to figure out that whether issue is created by parser element or
matroska muxer element. If issue is created by parser element kindly let me
know the parser gstreamer element which can work correctly with matroskamux
element for mpeg files.

*Huzefa Siyamwala*
huzefa.siyam <huzefa.siyamwala at sibridgetech.com>wala at sibridgetech.com<huzefa.siyamwala at sibridgetech.com>
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