[Matroska-devel] Haali Media Splitter: MP4 Demux: 'twos' audio track not recognized

Michael Bunk bunk at iat.uni-leipzig.de
Wed Aug 31 10:33:24 CEST 2011

Dear HMS developer(s),

we have a camcorder producing video files in an mp4 container, using the
mpeg2 codec for video and "twos" FOURCC uncompressed audio.  HMS
(current version, 03/03/2011) recognizes the video stream properly, but
not the audio stream.

A sample video is here (100 MB):

I'd be happy if this can be fixed and will be available for further
details.  I'd try to provide a patch, but I'm not sure whether the mp4
splitter code is included in the "Core parser library" mentioned at
http://haali.su/mkv/ .

Best regards,
 Michael Bunk

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