[Matroska-devel] Compiling DvdMenuXtractor

Tom Kazimiers tom at voodoo-arts.net
Wed Nov 10 11:33:35 CET 2010


the program DvdMenuXtractor (dmx) seems to create menu structure
information from DVDs usable in matroska containers. So I wanted to try
that out, but I don't seem able to compile it. My platform is linux 64 bit.

The only compilation instructions I found was for libmatroska and
libebml, which contain separate Makefiles. Unfortunately I didn't find
out what build system the contained .proj files refer to. Somewhere I
read about coremake (by looking for strings from within the .proj
files), but I couldn't find it anywhere. There is such a dmx.proj file
in dmx directory as well.

Can you provide some information about the used make build system? I
started to create a cmake build build for that, but am not finished with
that. Probably this will take some more time.

Maybe someone has already a compiled version for linux---I would be
happy to get a pointer to it. In the end I just want to try out the
matrskas menu feature. If not available, I surely will continue with
trying to compile it.


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