[Matroska-devel] Haali Media Splitter - BUG REPORT - Multi Track Splitting Not Working

Christian Wiesner cwiesner at matroska.org
Wed Dec 1 17:02:14 CET 2010

Pascal, please could you take into account that

- you are complaining about missing functionality of a free software, you
have not paid a penny for it. I do understand your frustration of reporting
a bug and being unheard for that, but i am having a hard time accepting the
tone of your email.

- the guy developing the splitter is a single person, and his software is
distributed in millions of copies to users with little to no background in
software and computing. What do you think is bound to happen if he installed
a complaint hotline for them ?

- don't you think the main adress for your complaints should be the devs
developing MPC, who are distributing older versions of the splitter and fail
to interface to the newer versions ?



P.S. I really don't know what drove Mike to post such instructions on his
website, as the matroska dev mailing list is definitely not the right place
to have users report problems with the Windows splitter .....

2010/12/1 Pascal Mons <pascal_mons at hotmail.com>

>  Well, Almost 1 year after I reported on this thread a confounding BUG in
> the Haali Media Splitter, there has been NO FEEDBACK & NO CORRECTIVE ACTION
> taken by the folks of haali.su/mkv/ ...
> There is no way to report a bug on their website, they only ask us to post
> here : "Bug reports and feature requests Please send feedback to our
> development mailing list at lists.matroska.org" However they seem to pay
> little attention to this mailing list.
> I have appended the original e-mail at the bottom of this one.
> I will only describe the bug here again in some simple words : As we all
> know here the Matroska container format is supposed to allow us to mux in 1
> MKV file for one Video, more than one Audio and more than one Subtitle. The
> trouble is that as I reported earlier, the Haali Media Splitter from at
> least the version of 27/03/2010 on to the latest is only able to show [in
> MPC-HC selection menu] the first Audio and the first Subtitle ... There is
> no way to access any other Audio and/or Subtitle [Period].
> Then, where is the benefit of using an MKV format with this kind of buggy
> splitter ? The multi-track feature has been lost.
> When MPC-HC released their version 1.3 last year, they bundled with their
> installer version the buggy release of Haali Media Splitter available at
> that time. Hopefully, the zip file version did not contain the splitter. And
> I was able to use the latest working version of the Haali Media Splitter I
> know : the version (packed with the installer of CoreAVC Codec
> 1.9.5) [date unknown].
> Their website haali.su/mkv/ does not provide numbered version of their
> release ... but only dates. Older versions that the latest current one are
> not available either ...
> Regards,
> PM
> _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
> e-mail dated January, 6th, 2010
> ---------------------------------------------
>  I happen to use in the videos I watch a lot of different subtitles (each
> in one given language), which I mux with the video / audio stream with MKV
> Merge GUI from Moritz Bunkus.
> I am using a PC with Vista x64 US English.
> The software I use to watch this video files (with a Matroska container) is
> MPC Home Cinema x64 on the x64 PC and x86 on the other.
> I installed as well CoreAVC Video Codec which offered until the version
> 1.9.5 to install the Haali media Splitter. In this case the version of the
> splitter is (I don't know the date of this release).
> Using any version of MPC Home Cinema with this version of the Haali Media
> Splitter worked well until I stumbled last November on a bug which prevented
> access [Menu Play --> Subtitles of MPC] to all subtitles except the first
> one appearing in the list of MKV Merge GUI i.e. Menu --> Subtitles list only
> the first one. I discovered at that time that this occurred only after
> installing MPC-HC v1.3.1249 with the installer .exe available for this
> release [I used it to update my previously [and working] installed version
> v1.2.908 on my second computer XP/Vista dual boot]. On another computer
> [Vista x64] I installed myself the executable in the Program Files folder to
> perform the update and everything went fine. I didn't see the previously
> mentioned bug appearing. I didn't have immediately an answer for this kind
> of behaviour. I initialy thought that something went wrong in the muxing
> proces with MKV Merge GUI. It was not.
> Recently, in early April I installed a newer version of the splitter found
> at http://haali.su/mkv . It was the version identified as of date
> 27/03/2010.
> Following this, the computer running Vista x64 did show the same bug as the
> other computer : No access to the list of subtitles but the first one of the
> list.
> I uninstalled the Haali Media Splitter and re-installed the version
> (packed with the installer of CoreAVC Codec 1.9.5) and things were
> back to normal. I could again see all the subtitles. Although if you just
> re-install the working version without un-installing any bugged
> version it will not work either. You need to properly un-install a bugged
> version with its own un-installer, and later install the
> I tested the newly released version of the splitter dated 20/05/2010
> yesterday and it carries the same bug as well.
> Can anyone confirm this behaviour of the Haaili Media Splitter ? And can
> anyone involved in the splitter development have a look at this ?
> I uploaded in early May a 100 MB chunk of the movie
> Mean.Girls.2004.1080p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE.mkv containing 5 subtitles :
> English from other languages, English, French, Spanish et Portuguese.
> Mean.Girls.2004.1080p.BluRay.x264-CiNEFiLE_newsub-001.mkv
> http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?odt0wnjwtvo
> Another annoying thing in Windows is that below the Play, Pause & Stop
> Button, instead of having the Matroska icon from the Haali splitter, I have
> a music icon from Windows Media Player DLL (from file
> %system%System32\wmploc.dll). It may come from a mess in windows registry
> but it's quite annoying. Re-installing the splitter didn't solve this
> problem. Is there a way to get around this ? and display the Matroska icon
> from the splitter ?
> Tank you for your feedback.
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