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Kristopher Gilbert ogre at chaocracy.net
Fri Apr 9 00:05:53 CEST 2010

I couldn't even get the DivX MKV splitter to work properly. It just crashed WMP as soon as it ran. Ironically, it worked in Media Center but FastForward/Rewind didn't work properly like they did in the beta/dev releases.

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Hi Steve,

Steve Lhomme a écrit :
> Streaming from what point of view ? The player or the server ?
> On the server side it's easy, it should present the stream as a file, 
> where you can (optionally) seek. It's standard HTTP streaming.
> On the player side you may need to avoid "forward" seeking. It's 
> possible in HTTP but is not optimal in terms of connection speed. So 
> whatever element that requires you to seek to far in the file should be 
> avoid. Normally the Segment Info and Track Info headers are at the 
> beggining of the file and that's all you need for playback. If you want 
> to handle seeking, you may load the Cue list. But it's likely that you 
> have to seek forward in the file to do that. So I would advise to only 
> load it when you need it (ie when the user actually wants to seek).
Did you try already the DivX Plus HD solution [1] to stream mkv files ? 
If yes, may I ask you to have your comments on this...;-)

Best Regards,

[1] http://developer.divx.com/docs/DivX_Web_Player

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