[Matroska-devel] multiple audio tracks with different languages

Pavel Koshevoy pkoshevoy at sorensonmedia.com
Thu Apr 1 22:52:43 CEST 2010

I can't answer your specific questions, but it sounds to me that you may 
need a streaming solution for matroska container.
I recently found out that DivX Web Player supports streaming MKV files,
you may want to give it a try.  It doesn't require a specialized 
streaming server, plain HTTP/1.1 is all you need to host the matroska file.

You can get the streaming player here: http://labs.divx.com/node/14711


On 4/1/2010 2:41 PM, Matthew Heaney wrote:
> Hello,
> The most recent release of VOB2MKV (vo2mkv-1.0.4) included a splitter-style
> DirectShow filter, MKVSPLIT.
> http://vob2mkv.codeplex.com/
> Previous releases included only a source-style demuxer, MKVSOURCE, but this
> doesn't work for network downloads, hence the need for the splitter filter
> too.
> But downloading a file over a network made me aware about how much data was
> actually being downloaded (a problem I didn't worry about when only playing
> a local file).
> Suppose I mux an MKV file with multiple audio tracks, each having a
> different language.  Typically a client will only view a single language
> track.  If all of the tracks are interleaved in the file, and the file
> downloaded from a server to a client, and the client only selects a single
> track, then that would mean lots of data is being downloaded from the server
> only to be thrown away by the client.
> My question is whether there is a way to mux the MKV file (or files) such
> that only a single track of audio need be downloaded from the server.  Is
> there an intended mechanism for doing this?
> Could each audio track go in its own segment?  (Or perhaps there is a better
> way.)  My question about that approach is that the multiple audio tracks,
> each in their own segment, all start at the same time.  Are segments
> intended to be stitched together sequentially, such that one segment begins
> after the previous segment ends?  Or can segments exist "in parallel"?
> My understanding is that segments in different files can be linked together,
> using segment UIDs.  But what about putting multiple segments in a single
> file?  Does this make any sense?  Is there a difference between putting
> multiple segment in a single file, versus multiple segments in multiple
> files?
> Thanks,
> Matt
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